La Piña

The Pineapple, "Princess of Fruits" and Symbol of Hospitality

A fateful interaction with Christopher Columbus propelled the pineapple into the European (and eventually the American) consciousness. Columbus and his crew “discovered” the pineapple in Guadeloupe in 1493 on their second (less famous) voyage to the New World. They called it the piña, due to its resemblance to a pinecone, and brought the “exotic” fruit back to Spain.Since colonial times, the warm and welcoming pineapple has, quite literally, been put on a pedestal in America. It has been used again and again as a motif in architecture, in furniture, in textiles, in illumination, and, of course, in food!

The collection consists of vases, jars with lid, bowls and cups with saucers in white or in various colors and designs, hand made with high-quality french porcelain, glazed insides in combination with bisque surface finely decorated by hand painting in gold or platinum.

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