Linda Viková & Patrícia Koyšová
Meet me halfway/Choď mi naproti:
a project of two authors who combine their experience, skills, opinions, artistic expression and mutual sympathy. The static sculptures consisting of ceramic pillars and vases do not tell a story, but capture the imprint of a living dialogue, a conversation between two women. Encoded, intimate, tied to the moment of creation of the work. The result not only brings functionality, but also becomes a carrier of links open for further interpretation. The final product thus creates a contrast to the current era full of virtuality, fluidity, which offers unlimited amounts of variations and possibilities.

The vases and the bearing pillar elements were all crafted by me, with various hand-building techniques, such as coiling and extrusion into plaster press mold. The collection is made out of stoneware and different high-firing ceramic clays.
I also fixed up the surface of the objects with slip paint and spray coating - also did I prepared glaze and engobe for the last part of the creative process - the "painting" part - the process which took under my technological supervision.

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