Pierrot and Harlequin

"Pierrot and Harlequin," the objects displayed on "Podium boxes," depict the two main Commedia dell'arte characters—rivals in the classic love triangle story.

Both sculptural objects serve a functional purpose and are hand-built using various techniques from two different clay bodies. Pierrot is crafted from butter-colored stoneware, while Harlequin is made from rough chamotte stoneware. The old rose tones on Harlequin were achieved through the use of vintage gold lustres generously gifted to me by the renowned artist Eugenia Lugsova. Although the lustre has lost its original potency, I now use it for coloring the clay; this marks the third occasion since I've reserved the bottle for very special and specific projects. Harlequin is decorated  with real 10% gold lustre.


“podium box” ↔ - 35cm;  ↨ - 27,5cm; vase Ø - 34cm;  ↨ - 51cm

“podium box” ↔ - 32cm;  ↨ - 20cm; vase Ø - 32cm;  ↨ - 51cm


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