Stoneware vessels

All vessels/vases with lid I did either hand built from rolled-out slabs of stoneware clay with help of plaster mold - or they are made by pouring liquid stoneware clay into the plaster mold.

I made each pot individually, especially the glazing part. I didn't work repetitively, I enjoyed making unique glaze "paintings" using the shape and clay body as a canvas. I simply wanted to create utilitarian, eye- catching, unique objects of daily use.

Every piece is made by hand by me. I also make my plaster molds - the pots are high-fired at 1230 °C.

Each vessel I gave a special name as they remind me of someone or something...


small vessel  Ø - 15cm, ↨ with lid  - 21cm,
↨ without lid - 18cm; 

big vase  Ø - 19cm, ↨ - 27cm

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